Upgrade to a Premium Account

What you get...

1. No advertising banners or popups/popunders in the game.
2. One extra Discovery each day.
3. Unlimited use of the Universal Gravity Scanner.
4. Unlimited use of the SuperComputer Attack Calculator.
5. Unlimited use of the Wormhole Scouter.
6. Automatic assignment of Scientists.
7. Wide selection of Color Skins.
8. Expanded Planetary Bureau statistics.
9. A list of all attacks and missiles by and against you in the Planetary Bureau.
10. A notepad to store any information that you want to keep around for a while.
99. The satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a great game!

What it Costs... (A round is 6 to 8 weeks)

$5- 1 round of Premium
$10- 2 rounds of Premium
$15- 3 rounds of Premium
$20- 4 rounds of Premium
$25- 1 year of Premium

Email of Account to Be Made Premium:

How you do it...

1. Select a payment option from above.
2. Fill in the email address of the account you wish to upgrade
3. Click The Next Step Button to be taken to the PayPal Payments System

The Fine Print...

Galaxies Ablaze is completely free to play thanks to the support of our sponsors. However you may purchase a premium account for US $5 and you will see no in-game advertising as well as gaining access to a few restricted in-game features, such as a wider range of customized player skins to choose from. You may purchase a premium account at signup via Paypal or by contacting us directly via email. Premium accounts may be purchased at any time during a round and will last until the end of that round. If your account is killed, your premium status can be carried onto any subsequent account you start that same round; just make sure to use the same email address. More features will be added to premium accounts over time and will be announced in the public forum.

Note: Purchasers of premium accounts are still required to adhere to our terms of service and game rules. Purchasing a premium account does not guarantee service or any extra support. No refunds will be given.

IMPORTANT  The Paypal account Email address you use may be different than the Email address of the account that you wish to make premium. This will allow you to pay for a friend or someone else.