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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Each wonder is a unique structure that benefits all who live within its solar system. Wonders are very rare so there is a limit to the number of wonders that may be built! Each galaxy may contain only one of the possible wonders. That means systems must race to be the first in their galaxy to complete the desired wonder. Wonders are not indestructable, so if a system greatly desires a particular wonder currently owned by someone else... Well, set it ablaze!

Wonders can only be built by system leaders, but every member of a solar system may contribute money, power, and population to create a wonder. To either donate to or build a wonder, use the Wonders link on the left navigation menu. When a sufficient number of resources have been accumulated, the system leader may construct the desired wonder. Construction is instantaneous.

Any excess resources are kept in the Wonder fund for making repairs. The system leader controls repairing the wonder in the wonder menu. People within the system may contribute more resources at any time, to keep a reserve for repairs.

Rival systems may decide to remove an opponent's wonder, either to build that wonder or to weaken the opponent. You can even destroy your own wonder if you want. Wonders can only be damaged or destroyed by missile attacks. The amount of damage done varies depending on the missile sent, the larger the missile the more damage!

In addition, wonders deteriorate slowly over time, a little each day. They can be repaired normally by the system leader.

Each Wonder has a different effect on the solar system in which it was built, and the Wonders continue to function during Chaos Mode. The effects and the maximum strength of the wonders, the resources necessary to build each wonder, and the descriptions of the wonders are shown in the following tables.

Wonder Function Strength
Galactic Bank Income Increase +15%
Space Fleet Academy Offense Bonus +15%
Satellite Defense Array Defense Bonus +15%
Galactic Science Laboratory Research Improvement +75%
Antimatter Power Plant Power Growth +50%
Power Storage +50%
Galactic Medical Hospital Attack Casualties reduced by 30%
Missile Casualties only 70%
Cookie Factory Population Growth +0.5%
Maximum Housing +25%
Special Forces Guild Special Op Storage +10%
Special Op Growth +25%
Special Op Losses -50%
Citadel Military Housing +30%
Exploration Fleet Land Exploration +1 land/hour for each 1000 current land
Star Gate Minimum return times for planet type
Positron Shield Block all theft and destructive special op missions
Engineering University Reduces the cost of buildings and building upgrades by 40%

Wonder Money Cost Power Cost Population Cost
Galactic Bank 20,400,000300,000150,000
Space Fleet Academy 18,000,000180,000110,000
Satellite Defense Array 16,000,000600,00090,000
Galactic Science Laboratory 18,000,000540,000130,000
Antimatter Power Plant 13,200,000100,000100,000
Galactic Medical Hospital 21,000,000200,000120,000
Cookie Factory 18,000,0002,000,00036,000
Special Forces Guild 13,500,0001,400,00030,000
Citadel 17,500,000560,00060,000
Exploration Fleet 17,000,0002,200,00040,000
Star Gate 19,000,0002,400,00030,000
Positron Shield 26,000,0005,800,000125,000
Engineering University 15,500,000800,00080,000

Wonder Descriptions

Galactic Bank

An imposing structure of mixed architecture, the Galactic Bank looms high over the city where it was constructed. Developed as a center of interplanetary finance, the GB manages the commerce and trade of the entire galaxy, thereby providing a sizeable extra income to all the planets in the solar system that controls it.

Space Fleet Academy

The Space Fleet Academy is a remote complex where the toughest and most promising troops come to train. Its location is top secret, but it is known to be on the most physically challenging terrain, a hot terrain full of tall mountains and swamps that make movement very difficult, a fact reflected in the quality and stamina of the troops that complete their training there. The SFA troops have to learn advanced weapons techniques, bomb-making and disarming, and avant-garde vehicle piloting. Not only do these troops have to take gruelling physical tests, but they also have to be mentally superior, making them shrewd tacticians as well as formidible opponents. The SFA-trained troops are so much stronger that an attacking planet can send considerably fewer of them and still achieve a successful attack.
- From the mind of General BA

Satellite Defense Array

The Satellite Defense Array is a massive military structure, one of the newer Wonders of the Galaxy. An almost impossible structure to defeat, it is constructed of laser proof glass and the finest titanium alloy. Combined with the most sophisticated telescopes in the universe, it provides a panoramic view of the entire universe, enabling highly advanced computers to trigger all orbitory defense mechanisms when an approaching hostile force is detected. Once activated, the SDA destroys so much military that any approaching army has to be significantly larger than usual to be certain of a successful attack.
- From the mind of General BA

Galactic Science Laboratory

The Galactic Science Laboratory is a huge research center accessible from every planet of the solar system. The research of new technologies is organized and supported by an executive committee assigning scientists to the most pressing projects in order to optimize the efficiency of all other laboratories in the system. The GSL scientists are multidisciplinary and freely share their knowledge with their fellow scientists throughout the system, thereby enabling an enormous acceleration of normal scientific development.
- Description by Devil Pikkolo

Antimatter Power Plant

Not an immense structure but a very elegant one, the Antimatter Power Plant consists of a central cylinder with twenty-four containment and combustion nacelles arrayed vertically around the perimeter with transmission arrays at either end of the central core. Situated in a null gravity field just beyond the event horizon of a black hole, the APP uses a natural extension of wormhole technology to draw antimatter into the containment fields. Through controlled introduction of matter and antimatter into the combustion chamber, massive amounts of energy are produced. This energy is converted to EM pulse and beamed via satellite relay to ground receiver/converter stations on all planets in the system.
- Description by Rie Larcinous

Galactic Medical Hospital

The Galatic Medical Hospital boasts the best recovery rate in the entire galaxy. The GMH may look ordinary from the outside with the usual drab appearance and overpowering smell of antiseptic, but inside it is a transformation. With all the latest medical advancements such as bone reconstruction and limb replacements, many soldiers that come in here recover so well they are able to return to the military as soon as they recover. Not only is this one building, the GMH has strong links with battlefield medics providing them with the assistance they need. As a result after the construction of the GMH, casualties of war have massively decreased.
- From the mind of General BA

Cookie Factory

The most wonderful aroma emanates from the gigantic Cookie Factory, the envy of all the Universe! Nothing promotes goodwill, happiness, and pure delight more than having the Cookie Factory in your very own solar system. The joy of a fabulous cookie any time you want it makes the citizens more satisfied, prolific, and generally willing to share space, leading to increased total population and population growth for everyone.
- Description by Chick, with nods to the Cookie Lovers among us

Special Forces Guild

Admission to the Special Forces Guild is only permitted to the top 2% of ops candidates. Officially, they are just another elite unit, but these secretly trained and highly equipped operators are the finest leadership of all Special Ops missions. They are frontline insertion forces that will accomplish the mission without concern for collateral damage, enemy resistance, or their own safety. Stealth technology, secure communications, and superior weaponry developed in the secretive Special Forces Centers, make these forces the best of the best, and those trained in the SFG are highly motivated and better survivors, making them the elite of the elite.
- Description by Rie Larcinous


The Citadel is a huge superfortress used to house military troops. With advanced communications and advanced transportation systems, military units housed in the Citadel can quickly move to any planet in the system for maneuvers, advanced training, or missions. All planets in the solar system share the Citadel equally, thus freeing up much barracks space on individual planets, allowing more total troops to be housed than barracks alone would permit.

Exploration Fleet

A massive squadron of scientific and exploration space vessels, the Exploration Fleet travels the universe in search of new lands and new civilizations. Exploring and colonizing as they go, they contribute additional land to all planets in the solar system which funds them.

Star Gate

After the unfortunate demise of a highly advanced alien species, two elegant poles were recovered from the ruins of one of their central command centers. Extensive research found these poles to be the components of a nearly mythical Star Gate. When positioned correctly, a warp field connects the two poles making it possible for entire armies to pass through, bypassing the time-consuming travel through normal wormholes. Difficult and expensive to build, systems with a Star Gate can storm their enemy by surprise, and return home as quickly as the fastest possible wormhole travel.
- From the mind of General BA

Engineering University

A galactic center for production and construction engineering, from the outside the Engineering University looks like a complex maze of cranes and bits of buildings. On the inside it holds materials research centers and an educational complex teaching new building techniques, the newest materials, and the use of high-tech tools for the most efficient and cost-effective construction. Thus all planets in a system with the Engineering University benefit by lower building construction and upgrade costs.
- Based on a proposal by Emetib

Positron Shield

Using positronic physics, the Positron Shield is a force field that can detect all special op missions with explosive or theft devices and neutralize them by bombarding them with positrons. Thus all special force missions aimed at theft or destruction, such as robbery, kidnapping, arsoning residences, sabotaging power plants, or blowing up mines, fail completely when directed at a planet in a solar system that has built the Positron Shield.

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