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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Time in Galaxies Ablaze progresses continuously, whether you are online or not. The Galaxies Ablaze clock is displayed on the top line of your screens, both date and time, and is the time that appears in News and Messages.

Each hour, your planet automatically receives new resources. Buildings under construction, military that you are drafting or training, and land that you are exploring, complete on the hour change. Your army generals return from an attack on the hour change.

There are also daily events. Scores are updated twice a day, and you can make new discoveries each day.

The long term schedule of Galaxies Ablaze changes from game to game, to provide variety and interest. Each game is scheduled to end at a predetermined but undisclosed time. Each game will consist of a non-running signup period when players can make their account and prepare for the start of the game, a 6-12 week period of normal game play, then a week of Chaos Mode.

The approximate length of the game will be announced at the beginning of each game, but not the exact ending time. Approximately a week before the end of the game, the Scores will be archived without notice, and the game changed into Chaos Mode. At that time, the exact end of the game will be announced to all players.

Once in Chaos Mode, some things change. Alliance size is no longer limited. Your generals will attack anyone regardless of size. All successful attacks gain the maximum (10%) land, power, money and population. All Special Op missions are successful and all are identified. Chaos Mode is a time for getting even with someone who has irritated you, or for alliances to declare all-out total war, without affecting the archived Scores.

After a week of Chaos Mode, the game ends and all accounts are deleted. Shortly after that, the signup period for the next game will begin.

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