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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

There are three types of shields you can use for your planet, but Shields must be researched before you can use them. Once the research is completed, you may power your shields in the Shield Control Center by specifying the amount of power you want allocated to each shield type.

Power is allocated in the order of Military, Missile, then Special Op Shields, so if you do not have enough power for all that you have specified, the lower ones will not be powered. The amount of power needed for maximum shields varies with the amount of land you must protect. The Shield Control Center will show you how effective your shields are as your power and land changes.

You have the ability to decrease the power your shields use by 20% if you choose to research Shield Power Efficiency in the Scientific Research Laboratory.

The maximum shield effectiveness and the use for each type of shield is shown in the following table.

You have the ability to increase the maximum shield effectiveness for each shield type by an extra 20% of its current level, if you choose to research Shield Effectiveness in the Scientific Research Laboratory.

Shield Type Maximum Effectiveness Benefit
Military Defense 10% Adds to your defensive bonus when you are attacked.
Missile Defense 70% Provides a chance of blocking a missile launched at you.
Special Ops Defense 50% Provides a chance of blocking Special Op missions against you.

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