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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

In the Scientific Research Laboratory, you can assign your scientists to work on many different technologies. Some of the technologies need to be researched constantly, as they depend on the amount of land you have; others just need to be researched once and they are yours for the rest of the game.

If you lose scientists for any reason, such as military desertions, your remaining scientists will stop work and must be reassigned. Premium account holders may choose a topic that unassigned scientists will immediately go to work on.

The following table shows the benefit of each technology and the total research points necessary to use it.

The following table also shows the prerequisites for each technology before it is available for researching. The prerequisites for any technology must be completed before research for the next available technology can begin.

The research of some technologies may prevent the research of others, so be careful with which technologies you choose to research. Once you have completed a technology it may prevent you from researching another, as well as remove the research percentage already acquired for that specific technology.

If you are researching multiple technologies at any given time and two mutually exclusive technologies are completed at the same time, the technology that appears higher on the following table takes precedence, and all of your research on the other will be lost. If two technologies prevent each other, it would be to your benefit to choose which of the two technologies you would like to acquire before you begin your research.

Technology Benefit Research needed Prerequisites Preventer
Population ExpansionIncreases the number of civilians or military that your residences hold
(maximum 20%)
Depends on
total land
Fast Power ProductionIncreases the hourly power production of your power plants
(maximum 50%)
Depends on
total land
Offense MoraleIncreases the offense bonus of your military
(maximum 30%)
Depends on
total land
Defense MoraleIncreases the defense bonus of your military
(maximum 30%)
Depends on
total land
Money BonusIncreases the hourly income from your mines and taxes
(maximum 35%)
Depends on
total land
Special Op IdentificationProvides a chance of identifying a planet targetting you with a special operations mission
(maximum 60%)
Depends on
total land
Research FundingProvides increased research at a small cost
(maximum 15%)
Depends on
total land
Lunar Mines 
Natural Resource DevelopmentProvides increased income from land development when not exploring
(maximum 20%)
Depends on
total land
Unmanned Exploration Robots 
Military Units
LasermenAllows training of the Lasermen military unit90,000  
DragoonsAllows training of the Dragoons military unit120,000  
StarfightersAllows training of the Starfighters military unit500,000  
GuerrillasAllows training of the Guerrillas military unit180,000  
Skyscraper ConstructionAllows construction of Skyscrapers520,000 Space Stations
StardocksAllows construction of Stardocks260,000  
Space StationsAllows construction of Space Stations520,000StardocksSkyscraper Construction
Lunar MinesAllows construction of Lunar Mines220,000  
Asteroid MinesAllows construction of Asteroid Mines420,000Lunar MinesFusion Power Plants
Nuclear Power PlantsAllows construction of Nuclear Power Plants80,000  
Fusion Power PlantsAllows construction of Fusion Power Plants180,000Nuclear Power PlantsAsteroid Mines
Department of Defense
ShieldsAllows use of military, missile, and special op shields25,000  
Shield Power EfficiencyDecreases power used by shields by 20%90,000ShieldsShield Effectiveness
Shield EffectivenessIncreases effectiveness of shields by additional 20% of current setting90,000ShieldsShield Power Efficiency
Missile Defense TurretsDecreases incoming missile success rate against your planet by 10%190,000  
Force FieldsDecreases loss of land on attack by 10%380,000  
Defensive ArmorDecreases loss of defensive military on attack by 10%180,000  
Bomb SheltersDecreases loss of money, population, and power on attack by 20%90,000  
Information Technology
Wormhole ScoutingInforms you of the army return times before an attack30,000  
ScannerAllows use of the universal gravity scanner50,000  
Attack ComputerAllows use of the attack computer50,000  
Military Housing ComputerAllows use of the military housing computer40,000  
Advanced Housing ComputerAllows use of the advanced housing computer80,000Military Housing Computer 
Missile Technology
Advanced MissilesAllows construction and launch of advanced missiles600,000  
Homing TechnologyIncreases missile success rate by 10%180,000Advanced Missiles 
Missile SilosDecreases time, cost, and power to build missiles by 15%140,000Advanced Missiles 
Growth and Expansion
Unmanned Exploration RobotsAllows an additional 5% of total land to be explored100,000  
MoonbasesAllows construction of moonbases800,000  

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