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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Recovery Status
When you are successfully assaulted and your Land is less than 1500, you automatically enter Recovery Status. Your civilians work harder to recover from the attack, and your military is more motivated to hurry through their training process. You will remain in Recovery Status and reap the benefits for as long as your civilians remain enthusiastic and as long as you keep your troops at home to defend your planet.

Your Recovery Status ends when either (1) your civilians get tired of the extra work after 12 hours, or (2) you send out any military troops (even those with no defense) in any form of attack against another planet or (3) you launch any missile bigger than a Revenger (after all, that's why it's called a Revenger).

Note that Recovery Status is triggered only by Successful Assaults against you! All other types of attack, including Missiles, failed attacks and other attack types such as Raids, Plunders, Pillages, and Massacres do not result in Recovery Status.

During the time you are in Recovery Status, there are several benefits to help you recover and rebuild. The following table shows the time and cost effects of Recovery Status on different actions.

Action Time Reduction Cost Reduction
Explore Land 4 Hours 30%
Construct Buildings 3 Hours 30%
Draft and Train Military 3 Hours 30%

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