Galaxies Ablaze Quick Reference Sheet
Unit Defense
Soldiers 1
Riflemen 3
Lasermen 4
AAVs 8
Starfighters 3
System Leader +10%
Shields +variable %
Military Morale +variable %
0 Power -10%
Mountainous Planet+1%
Ocean Planet+15%
Volcanic Planet-5%
Tundra Planet+15%
Bonuses are added then applied to units total

Unit Offence
Infantrymen 4
Dragoons 5
AAVs 8
Starfighters 12
Guerrillas 2
Military Morale +variable %
0 Power -20%
Per General after 1st +3%
Cratered Planet-5%
Desert Planet+15%
Ocean Planet+5%
Tundra Planet+15%
Bonuses are added then applied to units total

Unit Offense Defense Housing
Soldiers 0 1 1
Scientists 0 0 1
Infantrymen 4 0 1
Dragoons 5 0 1
Riflemen 0 3 1
Lasermen 0 4 1
AAVs 8 8 2
Starfighters 12 3 2
Guerrillas 2 0 0

Moon Bases
Moon Base Type Function
Interstellar Trade CenterIncreases Money production by 20%
Power GridIncreases Power production by 25%
Covert Operation BaseIncreases the maximum amount of OpMissions you can have at one time by 5
Science LaboratoryIncreases Research production by 40%
Lunar Fuel DepotDecreases military return time by 2 hour(s)
Discovery BaseIncreases each Discovery by 20%

Building Type Function
Civilian ResidencesProvides housing for 50 civilians or as many as 50 military
SkyscrapersProvides housing for 100 civilians or as many as 100 military
Military BarracksProvides housing for 100 military
StardocksProvides housing for 160 military and produces 50 money and 20 power per hour
Space StationsProvides housing for 250 military and produces 100 money per hour
Solar Power PlantsProduces 100 power per hour and stores 500 power
Nuclear Power PlantsProduces 150 power per hour and stores 1000 power
Fusion Power PlantsProduces 200 power per hour and stores 1500 power
Military Training SitesReduces the cost of training military
Special Op CentersProduces 2 new operative(s) every hour and stores 350 special operatives
Planetary MinesProduces 140 money per hour
Lunar MinesProduces 220 money per hour
Asteroid MinesProduces 300 money per hour

Missile Money Power Hours Land Destroyed Population Killed Military Destroyed Research
Revenger150,00060,000810% up to 100 0%0%0%
Shadow250,00090,0001210% up to 100 10%1%25%
FreeFall500,000120,0001520% up to 200 5%0%50%
Stealth700,000180,000200% up to 0 0%1%75%
Blitzkrieg1,000,000210,0003010% up to 150 10%3%100%

Technology Benefit Points Rqd
Population ExpansionPopulation bonus (maximum 20%)varies
Fast Power ProductionPower production bonus (maximum 50%)varies
Offense MoraleMilitary bonus, offense (maximum 30%)varies
Defense MoraleMilitary bonus, defense (maximum 30%)varies
Money BonusMines and taxes bonus (maximum 35%)varies
Special Op IdentificationIdentify incoming probes (maximum 60%)varies
LasermenBuild Lasermen military unit90,000
DragoonsBuild Dragoons military unit120,000
StarfightersBuild Starfighters military unit500,000
GuerrillasBuild Guerrillas military unit180,000
*Skyscraper ConstructionBetter civilian or military housing520,000
StardocksBetter military housing260,000
*Space StationsBest military housing520,000
Lunar MinesBetter income production220,000
*Asteroid MinesBest income production420,000
Nuclear Power PlantsBetter power production and storage80,000
*Fusion Power PlantsBest power production and storage180,000
ShieldsAllows use of military, missile, and probe Shields25,000
*Shield Power EfficiencyDecreases power used by shields90,000
*Shield EffectivenessIncreases effectiveness of shields90,000
Missile Defense TurretsIncreases protection against missiles190,000
Force FieldsDecreases loss of land on attack380,000
Defensive ArmorDecreases loss of defensive military on attack180,000
Bomb SheltersDecreases loss of money, population, power on attack90,000
Wormhole ScoutingInforms you of army return times before an attack30,000
ScannerAllows use of target scanner50,000
Attack ComputerAllows use of attack computer50,000
Military Housing ComputerAllows use of military housing computer40,000
Advanced MissilesAllows use of advanced missiles600,000
Homing TechnologyIncreases missile success rate180,000
Missile SilosDecreases time, cost, and power to build missiles140,000
Unmanned Exploration RobotsIncreased exploration ability100,000
MoonbasesConstruction of moonbases800,000
*Research FundingIncreased research (maximum 15%)varies
*Natural Resource DevelopmentIncreased income (maximum 20%)varies
*Advanced Housing ComputerAllows use of advanced housing computer80,000

* Note that the asterisk next to a research topic denotes it is mutually exclusive with another. For full details consult game help

Attack Gains / Casualties Details - Base is an Assault
  Land Population Money Power Att. Casualties Def. Casualties
Assault 100% 100 % 100 % 100% 100% 100%
Raid n/a 25 % 25 % 25% 100% 10%
Plunder 25% 120 % 150 % 130% 100% 10%
Pillage n/a 50 % 50 % 50% 100% 10%
Massacre 150% 150 % 125 % 125% 100% 0%
Raid and Pillage size Min/Max 80% / 300 % Massacre Force Ratio Needed 3 : 1

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