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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Special Operations
Special Operations teams are highly trained commando units, that specialize in several covert and dangerous missions to enemy planets. Some missions are to gather information, others are hostile in nature. Information missions will tell you about that planet's resources, military, shields, and buildings. Hostile missions include robbing money, kidnapping population, and the sabotage of buildings. You can send out Special Operations teams on up to 10 missions, but the number of missions available to you grows at the rate of one per hour, so on average, you can send one mission per hour.

Missions are directed from the Special Operations Center, where you specify the target planet, how many operatives you want to send, and what mission you want them to attempt. If the operatives are successful, they will bring back the results of the mission. If not, they will return empty-handed, less any operatives lost on the mission. These missions are often difficult and especially dangerous and losses can be high. You will lose more operatives on failed missions than on successful ones.

Special Operations teams use personal teleporters to arrive quickly at a target planet. These teleporters give off heat signatures which if detected by the opposition can compromise the mission. To reduce these signatures you can choose to shield your operatives. This results in fewer casualties. Simply check the box "Shield Operatives" to activate their shields. Each operative requires 0.5 power to shield them and their equipment, and you must shield all or none. If you do not have enough power to shield all the operatives you send, none will be shielded.

Mission success is determined by the ratio of the operatives you send to your victim's operative ratio. Ratios are determined by number of operatives divided by land. In general, Spy missions will succeed fairly easily, Theft missions (Steal Money and Kidnap Population) will succeed based heavily on the op/land ratios of the planets involved, and Destruction missions will be the most difficult to accomplish. A victim with Special Operations Shields will also lower the chances of success for everything except Spy missions. There is also a small chance of automatic failure and a small chance of automatic success for missions. Too frequent destructive missions against a planet can put the planet's special operations defense on heightened alert and thus prevent further such missions for some period of time.

The missions that your special operations teams can perform are shown in the following table, along with a description of the result you can expect if they are successful.

Mission Results of successful mission
Spy on Planet Reveals the status and total military of the planet.
Spy on Military Activity Reveals where the generals and military troops of the target planet are and their return times.
Spy on Military Training Reveals what military the planet is drafting and training.
Spy on Buildings Reveals what buildings the planet has and is constructing.
Spy on Research Reveals the amount of research the planet has done.
Spy on Shields Reveals the shield efficiency of the planet.
Spy on Missiles Reveals any missiles the planet has or is building.
Steal Money Steals 13 money per operative, up to 8% of the victim's total money.
Arson Residences Destroy 1 Civilian Residence for each 1000 operatives you send,
up to 3.5% of the victim's total residences.
Sabotage Power Plants Destroy 1 Power Plant for each 1250 operatives you send,
up to 3.5% of the victim's total power plants.
Blow Up Mines Destroy 1 Mine for each 1666 operatives you send,
up to 3.5% of the victim's total mines.
Bomb Factories Destroy 1 Special Op Center for each 1666 operatives you send,
up to 3.5% of the victim's total special op centers.
Kidnap Population Kidnaps 1 population for each 125 operatives you send,
up to 5% of the victim's total population.

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