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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Power is the resource that you need to use your Military, Missile, and Special Operations shields, and to shield your own Special Ops when you send them on a mission. Your population, your military, and your buildings also consume power each hour. Your power is computed each hour and automatically added to your planetary amount. Power is also gained or lost in a successful attack.

The amount of power that you receive each hour depends on the number of your power-producing power plants, after subtracting the amount you have allocated to your shields, and the amount consumed by your population, military, and buildings.

Your power plants can store power for future use, but any power beyond what your power plants can store is lost at the hour change. Your power will never drop below zero, but if you have zero power, the following bad things happen:

Your population growth rate is slowed to 50% of normal.
Your residences will hold 3% fewer population.
Your attacks are at a -20% military disadvantage.
Your defense is at a -10% military disadvantage.
Your income is reduced by 3%.

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