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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Personalities give a range of special abilities as detailed below. Your personality is selected at account creation and remains fixed for the length of the round. While the game is in Sign Up Status you may change your personality via the Account Control Page.

Personality Bonus Amount
RestlessReduced military return times-1 hour off max time
CompassionateReduced casualty rate on attack and defense-1% deducted from casualty %
ParanoidProtection from robbery+20% extra shield
CunningIncreased production of Special Operatives1.2 /Center/hour
IndustriousFaster build times for buildings, military and missiles-2 hour(s)
BelligerentNegates Wonder and System Leader defense bonuses0 SL and/or Wonder defense bonus
FriendlyIncreased population growth rate0.01 added to pop growth rate
GamblerMore frequent random events More frequent random events
ThriftyCheaper buildings0.9 building costs

Personality Descriptions

Belligerent - having an aggressive or fighting attitude; inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness

Leaders with a Belligerent personality take control of their planet with their assertiveness and great speech abilities. Military domination is their main goal and they believe that in order to survive in a universe that seems bent on war, you must wage war faster, and become stronger than all other planets in the universe. However, many Belligerent leaders lack the will-power to achieve this goal. Belligerent leaders work hard in order to keep up to date on all wonders and system leaders throughout the universe. This extensive research negates any defensive advantage that wonders give to other systems or that other system leaders may have. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Restless - lacking or denying rest; characterized by or manifesting unrest especially of mind

Leaders with a Restless personality take control of their planet through sheer force of will. They promise endless reforms and spend long hours of the day promoting them and fulfilling their promises. These leaders throughout their own daily lives and through the military and political agenda they live by seem to emphasize the importance of time. They pour money into the researching of new engines and rockets which in the end, shaves precious time off military returns times as well as shortening the time it takes to get to work in the morning. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Compassionate - sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Leaders with a Compassionate personality take control through promises of social reforms as well as their benevolent treatment of people. These leaders have excellent people skills and excellent ability to negotiate. Appalled by the casualties of war, these leaders provide their military with the best protection gear and the best medical treatment available. Through this effort, the casualties suffered by this leader's military in both defensive and offensive combat are lowered. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Paranoid - characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania; extremely fearful

Leaders with a Paranoid personality take control through the spreading of rumors and effective propaganda. Their speechmaking skills are uncanny and they are brilliant at stopping political turmoil targeted towards them. They use their planet's tax dollars to try to develop ways to block enemy planets special operatives. Currently, only operatives stealing money from the planetary treasury can be blocked and even then they're blocked only on some raids. The research team working on this defense has said that upgrades to this process are currently being developed. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Cunning - dexterous or crafty in the use of special resources and displaying keen insight; characterized by wiliness and trickery

Leaders with a Cunning personality take control through appeasing the public and focusing on issues they know will get them into power. Cunning leaders recognize the importance of special ops and have gone through great pains to produce more specials ops per factory than the norm. Through this, information is gathered with greater ease and there is less of a possibility of an enemy planet breaching their own massive special ops defenses. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Industrious - constantly, regularly, or habitually occupied; persistently active

Leaders with an Industrious personality take control through their pro-business campaign message and the economic reforms they promise. These leaders are usually the businessman's best friend but also see to the needs of the financially challenged. These leaders recognize the importance of fast production to the planet's economy and through many man hours and investments have managed to significantly speed up planetary production. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Friendly - warm, comforting; favorably disposed; not antagonistic

Leaders with a Friendly personality gain control through empathy with the population and through the harmony and good will they engender. Often weak as war leaders, they compensate by encouraging high population growth rates to quickly replace those lost in military endeavors. Their friendliness does not necessarily extend beyond the borders of their own planets. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Gambler - risk-taker; one who bets on an uncertain outcome

Leaders with a Gambler personality gain their position by taking huge risks, often through a series of under-the-table negotiations and risky moves, and are lucky enough to survive successfully. These leaders prefer chaos and like taking big chances, and as long as they stay lucky, they grow and prosper extremely quickly. They like to live on the edge regardless of how many times they lose. Gamblers make many good decisions that bring in a wealth of surplus goods and stimulation to the economy. They are not deathseekers, but plan carefully and prepare well, often gaining much more than would be expected, but occasionally also losing big. They are comfortable with whatever fortune, good or bad, that Lady Luck brings them, ever confident that their bad luck will change soon. -- Personality Description written by Sean A. (

Thrifty - wisely economical; prosperous and frugal

The Thrifty leader is an unabashed tool of the special interest groups. Such leaders take an aggressive view towards acquiring land for them to exploit, and so they are very pleased with a Thrifty personality as their leader. To keep the masses appeased they are willing to furnish the regime with buildings below market prices, sometimes exploiting the slave wage labor of the conquered or discovered worlds. This keeps the citizens tolerant of the Thrifty leader's acquisitive style of leadership and quells any unrest. -- Personality Description written by Jeffrey B. (

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