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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Newbie Starting Guide

When you begin looking over your new planet, you might be wondering what you should do first. So this guide has been written by players to get you going. It is not necessarily perfect strategy, or the only way to build and play, but it is a very good general guide to getting started.

You should do the following things, explained in more detail below:

1. Read your system and alliance forums, see what's going on, and who you share your system and alliance with. Post in both forums to introduce yourself. These people are your allies in the game, and a great source of information and advice.

2. Click thru the links in the game to see where things are and what options are available to you.

3. Read the Game Help thoroughly. It is very important to know how the game works, and where to find information as you start developing your planet and your strategy.

4. Start building your planet up. This means (a) draft some scientists and soldiers, (b) build some buildings, and (c) start your research. Do not train any soldiers into advanced troops the first day. If you are below 700 land, you can explore some land, but exploration is expensive.

Exploration: If you are below 700 land, explore more during Newbie Status. After Newbie Status, you can continue a bit longer but not too long, because you'll need your money for troops. Exploration gets more and more expensive, the more land you have.

Research: Start by assigning your scientists to the Money Bonus. Research this to maximum (see help file for the maximum%), then move to Population, then Power, then Military Morale. As you draft new scientists, keep assigning them to these 4 topics until all 4 are at maximum percent. You should have them all maximum by the time you finish Newbie Status. After that, you can choose the next topic based on your strategy, usually Shields is a good next choice. Keep your top 4 bonuses at maximum as long as you can, and never, never let Military Morale drop below maximum. You will not need Op Identification for now. Keep in mind that some research topics might have a prerequisite or a preventer. Some research topics might not be listed if it has a prerequisite and that topic has not been researched. Likewise with a preventer, a research topic might be blocked out if you have researched the preventer topic. For example, if you wanted to be able to research Skyscrapers, make sure that you do not research Deep Space Construction.

Buildings: Check the Game Help for their detailed functions and how much resource they provide. In your initial building, you should use all the free land for Planetary Mines, Civilian Residences, a few Solar Power Plants and some Special Op Centers and Military Training Sites. After that, continue to build Residences to keep ahead of your growing population, and make enough Barracks to hold your soldiers and later advanced military troops. Watch your power and if it starts to go down, build more Power Plants. Always build on your land, free land is a waste of resources.

Here is a distribution example of how to allocate your buildings. It should be roughly like this, although advanced strategies can use widely different ratios:

Civilian Residences/Skyscrapers: 10% - 15%
Military Barracks/Stardocks/Space Stations: 30% - 35% (always calculate how many you need)
Solar/Nuclear/Fusion Power Plants: 15% - 20% (never risk running out of power)
Military Training Sites: 10% - 12% (try to keep 10%)
Special Op Centers: 10% - 15%
Planetary/Lunar/Asteroid Mines: 15% - 20%

Military: Initially, if you have fewer than 500 scientists, you should draft scientists until you have about 500. Then switch to drafting as many soldiers as you can. Do not train soldiers into advanced military units until you (1) have 10% of your land in Military Training Sites, (2) have enough Barracks in construction to hold the trained troops, and (3) are 24 hours from end of Newbie Status. Then train as many soldiers as you can into AAVs all at once, so they are finished just before you come out of Newbie Status.

Special Ops: You will not use your Special Ops in Newbie Status, but once you come out, you will want to have a few thousand. Their most important use is to Spy on Military (SoM) or Spy on Planet (SoP) before attacking a planet. You need the Spy result to calculate the amount of troops you will need to send to break the defense of your victim. You can also use Special Ops to steal money from planets. With the stolen money you can build additional troops.

Attacking: After you come out of Newbie Status, you will need to look for some small targets to attack for land and other resources. Start by attacking inactive planets, which can be recognized by having small amounts of land, with about 21,000 NW or less. Attack up to 4 times with 1 general each time, but always be sure to keep a lot of defense at home to protect your own planet.

Read the Help File on Special Ops and on Attacking for details of how to Spy on the target's military forces and how to compute the troops you will need to send. The GA website Fan Sites page lists some attack calculators that you can download.

Missiles: Don't build any missiles until you can afford it with an income of a few hours. Otherwise it's a waste of resources that you could be spending on better defense. Don't use missiles for petty revenge, save them for war.

General Advice: This game is mainly about diplomacy and communication, strategy and cleverness, not only war. Don't resort to unpleasant messages, profanity, or cheating of any sort. Not only does the Administration delete people for that, but it ruins the game for others.

You most likely will be attacked many times during the game. Do not get upset, do not send nasty messages, just stay cool, rebuild, and carry on. Everyone gets attacked from time to time and it is just a natural part of the gameplay. Remember that when you attack another player, he also feels angry, so always be nice about it. Keep this in mind and you will find many new friends and enjoy all aspects of this great game. Be nice, be active, be strong!

- This guide was written primarily by Devil Pikkolo, Mr. Wicky, and Shavster,
with nods to Blueberry, Crash, and Jusenkyo.

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