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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

In the Moonbase Control Center you can colonize nearby moons orbiting your planet. However, you must first research Moonbases in the Scientific Research Laboratory before you can build your first moonbase. Each moonbase requires 25% research, so you can build a maximum of 4 moonbases. The following tables show the different moonbase types and their corresponding functions. You can only construct one of each moonbase type and in any order you choose. Each moonbase will cost 1,400,000 money and take 16 hours to complete.

Moonbase Type Function
Interstellar Trade CenterIncreases Money production by 20%
Power GridIncreases Power production by 25%
Covert Operation BaseIncreases the maximum amount of OpMissions you can have at one time by 5
Science LaboratoryIncreases Research production by 40%
Lunar Fuel DepotDecreases military return time by 2 hour(s)
Discovery BaseIncreases each Discovery by 20%

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