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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Missiles destroy land, buildings, population and military units, and wonders. When you launch a missile at another planet, you gain nothing, but you can destroy the victim's land, and the buildings on that land, kill population and destroy military units. When you launch a missile at a galactic wonder, you damage that wonder and perhaps destroy it.

Missiles are built and launched from the Missile Control Center. If the victim's Missile Shields are powered, there is a chance your missile will be blocked. To launch a missile that you have completed building, just specify what planet or wonder you want to send the missile at and click the launch button for that missile.

If you have Homing Technology researched, you will be able to launch a missile with homing capabilities. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that the cost of this is the default amount of power to build that missile.

If you have Missile Defense Turrets researched, the success rate of an opposing planet's missile, that is launched at you, will decrease by 10%.

If you have Missile Silos researched, the time, cost, and power it takes to build a missile will decrease by 15%.

There are several levels of missile that you can build. The following table gives the costs and the destruction potential of each missile.

Missile Money Power Hours to build Land Destroyed Population Killed Military Destroyed Special Ops Destroyed Research % Needed Damage to Wonders
Revenger150,00060,000810% up to 100 maximum 0%0%0%0%150
Shadow250,00090,0001210% up to 100 maximum 10%1%10%25%250
FreeFall500,000120,0001520% up to 200 maximum 5%0%0%50%350
Stealth700,000180,000200% up to 0 maximum 0%1%0%75%450
Blitzkrieg1,000,000210,0003010% up to 150 maximum 10%3%0%100%550

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