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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Military Units
Your military provides both defense of your planet and the ability to attack and take resources from other planets. Military that is away on an attack cannot help defend. In addition to the military you leave at home to defend the planet, you have four generals that can lead attack missions. Each general can attack separately or you can combine more than one of them into a stronger attack. You can see the Status of your generals and their troops by clicking on the My Status link in the left menu, then on Military Status.

You draft and train your military in the Military Training Center, by clicking on the Military link in the left menu. You can see the Status of your drafting and training by clicking on the My Status link in the left menu, then on Training Status.

The maximum number of Soldiers and Scientists combined that you can have drafting at any one time is 10% of your total housed civilian population. Homeless population will not join the military. While being drafted or trained, units are camped out at Military Training Sites and do not require housing, but once they become completed units, they require their Military Barracks space.

The military units have different characteristics. Soldiers and Scientists are drafted directly from the population, and the base cost is not affected by Military Training Sites. The remaining units are trained at Military Training Sites, and the cost of training them decreases with the percent of your land that you use to build the Military Training Sites. The minimum training cost is achieved when 10% of your land contains Military Training Sites.

All units require 1 space in Military Barracks, Stardocks, or Space Stations(or Civilian Residences and Skyscrapers if not enough Military Barracks, Stardocks, or Space Stations exist), except Armored Assault Vehicles (AAVs) and Starfighters, which need 2 spaces and Guerrillas which need no housing. Starfighters do not need Soldiers to train.

Military units must have their required housing or they will desert and disappear forever. Units normally live in Military Barracks, Stardocks, or Space Stations, but if not enough space is available, they will move into Civilian Residences or Skyscrapers and kick out the population. If not enough space is available in any of the military housing, the units (except Guerrillas) will desert. Thus it is very critical to ensure that your military has adequate housing available.

The following table gives the offense and defense strength of each unit as well as the housing it requires, the base cost of each unit, and other details.

Unit Offense Defense Housing Other Base Cost  
Soldiers 0 1 1 drafted from population 150 #
Scientists 0 0 1 drafted from population 800 #
Infantrymen 4 0 1 trained from soldier 500  
Dragoons 5 0 1 trained from soldier 650 *
Riflemen 0 3 1 trained from soldier 380  
Lasermen 0 4 1 trained from soldier 580 *
AAVs 8 8 2 trained from soldier 1600  
Starfighters 12 3 2 no soldier needed 2400 *
Guerrillas 2 0 0 trained from soldier 310 *%
* research is required before you can train this unit
# cost is not affected by military training sites
% unit is not affected by missiles

Unit Descriptions

Soldiers - Peasant militia, poorly trained and armed with basic equipment and weapons.

Infantrymen - Basic Attacking Troops, reasonably well trained with good equipment and weapons, some light vehicles and assault ships to conduct planetary assaults.

Dragoons - Elite Attacking Troops, Highly trained and outfitted with the latest in equipment and weaponry, units typically include light armored vehicles and turbo drop ships for speedy planetary insertion.

Riflemen - Basic Defensive Troops, reasonably well trained with good equipment and weapons, units generally include light fortifications, light armored vehicles and light anti-aircraft weaponry to target attacking drop ships and starfighters.

Lasermen - Elite Defensive troops, heavily armed and outfitted with the best equipment available, units are positioned in heavily fortified areas with extensive anti-aircraft weaponry.

AAVs - Armored Assault Vehicles, units consist of various heavily armored assault vehicles and the heavy transporters to enable them to move quickly from location to location about a planet, or to assault an enemy planet. These elite troopers receive the best training and equipment available and are expensive build and maintain as is reflected in their price and barracks requirements.

Starfighters - Space capable air assault fighters, tasked with leading the assault against enemy opposition, their job is to destroy any anti-aircraft units they encounter to enable following drop ships to safely deposit their cargoes on the planet surface. Then they operate in support of those assault units as they tackle the enemy ground defenses. Extremely expensive to train and maintain.

Guerrillas - Trained to live off the land just about anywhere, guerrillas need no housing or personal luxuries. They are expensive to train, and they are strong enough only for fast hit-and-run attacks, but their independence makes them a valuable part of any army. Each 200 guerrillas require 1 unit of land to survive.

Scientists - Non-combatants, the job of Scientists is to develop newer and better technologies to outfit your military and protect your planet, as well as to improve your resource production and quality of life.

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