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Insanely Basic Info
Newbie Starting Guide
Santa's Beginner Guide

Game Basics

-The Universe
-Newbie Status
-Recovery Status
-Chaos Mode
-Lightning Rounds

Account Control

-Account Details
-Planet Types
-My Planet
-My Status
-Planetary Bureau


-Building Types
-Building Upgrades


-Unit Details
-Unit Upgrades
-Special Operations
-Universal Scanner
-Attack Calculator


-Alliance Politics
-Alliances at War
-Solar System
-System Politics
-System Logos
-Facebook Center
-Galactic Court

-Quick Reference
-Premium Accounts
Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Lightning Rounds

Lightning Rounds are special short rounds, typically lasting one-two weeks, with special rules that differ from the normal Rounds.

System size is larger than normal rounds.
Chaos Mode for the entire round.
No scores will be archived.
Short signup period.
No group signups.
All planets are Terran.
All personalities are Gambler.
Startup values are higher than normal rounds.
No alliances.
No rogue asteroids.
No wonders of the galaxy.
No vacation robot.
No changes after signup (reset to initial values is still allowed during pregame).
Build times are very short.
Research is fast.
Newbie time is 24-28 hours.

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