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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Insanely Basic Information

Newcomers to a game sometimes don't know the unwritten rules that are inherent in the game and obvious to everyone who plays. So here are a few of the simplest things that everyone already knows anyway.

-- Your planet will continue to operate whether you are logged on or not. This means your exploration, construction, training, and military returning from an attack will happen whether you are online or not.

-- You cannot attack or use special ops until you have ended newbie status. You cannot be attacked or have ops used against you until you have ended newbie status.

-- The other planets in your System are your allies. So are the others in your Alliance. Do not attack or nuke them or use special ops against them unless the System Leader says it's ok.

-- You must build defensive military. If you do not, others will attack you, take everything you have away from you, and you will die. This is not painful, but it does mean that you have to start over.

-- You cannot attack or use special ops against anyone in newbie, vacation, or disabled status.

-- When you attack, spy first and calculate how many troops to send. If you are math-challenged, download one of the attack calculators and use it while you take a remedial math course.

-- You should post in the forums so others in your own system know you are alive and active and don't kill you for your land.

-- If you make multiple accounts, you will get caught and deleted. This is a much more painful process than dying.

-- Don't listen to anyone who tells you Raids are unfair. You should be thankful to be raided or pillaged, rather than assaulted. Raiding is much easier to recover from than an assault.

-- Remember that everyone gets attacked. Don't get mad, don't swear at them, don't give up and quit, just rebuild and get your revenge later.

-- Everyone will get mad at you and threaten to quit or to kill you when you attack them. Ignore this, they will get over it, too.

- This guide was written by Chickadee, who is solely responsible for its insanely and insultingly basic information.

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