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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Glossary of Galaxies Ablaze Terms
AAL - Assistant Alliance Leader, AL's Assistant.
AAV - Armored Assault Vehicles, a military unit.
AL - Alliance Leader - Leader of an Alliance.
Bang - A coordinated attack on a single planet by many others. Also called a Gangbang.
Bash - Attacking planets considerably smaller than yours, generally less than 50% land size is considered a bash.
Bot - An automated program that manages an account (using one is cheating).
Bounce - To attack another planet and fail.
Calc - Attack Calculator, There are several available, all posted on the GA Fan Sites page are legal.
D - Defense, measure of a planet's defensive military.
GA - Galaxies Ablaze.
Goons - Dragoons, an offensive military Unit.
Grab - To attack another planet and capture land and resources.
Multi - Someone with more than one account (which is cheating).
Newbie - (i) A new player to the game. Also called a N00b.
Newbie - (ii) Newbie Mode - The initial hours of protection each planet gets.
O - Offense, measure of a planet's offensive military.
PF's - Public Forums - The GA Public Forums, accessible from the GA homepage.
Protection - Another name for Newbie mode, the period when you can't attack or be attacked.
Rax - Barracks, used to house military.
Retal - Retaliation, to attack a planet as retaliation for attacking a system or alliance mate.
SK - Another popular online strategy game.
SL - System Leader, elected to lead the System.
Stacking - Conspiring to land in a system with friends at signup other than using the official joint signup option (cheating).
Strat - Strategy, a plan for maximising the potential of an account.

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