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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why is it called "Solidest" Alliance?
Answer: Because no one can think of a better word to describe the alliance with the highest average system networth. Suggestions welcome.

2. Why do I have negative free land after an attack?
Answer: The land you lose in an attack is taken equally from built and building land, but the buildings that are destroyed are only the completed ones. So land that was scheduled to be built on is now gone, but the building orders to build are not. That leaves you with negative FREE land.

3. Why does a planet have 500 land but 0 networth?
Answer: The owner has not yet activated his account. When he logs in for the first time and activates it, the networth will be computed.

4. If I don't log in, will my planet die?
Answer: Yes. If you don't activate the account, it will die in 12 hours. If you don't log in for 6 days, or if you are in vacation status for over 2 weeks, your planet will die of inactivity.

5. Why do I have to have JavaScript enabled to play Galaxies Ablaze?
Answer: JavaScript has a capability that normal HTML doesn't, which allows us to prevent the "click bug" form of cheating.
And Many Thanks to Richard Moyer ( for design of the clickbug fix.

6. How do I enable JavaScript?
Answer: First you must have JavaScript installed. If you do not, you can download it here. Then you must ensure that your system allows it. Active scripting is the default setting on most browsers, so you probably don't need to do this unless you have deliberately disabled it.
HOwever, if necessary, on Windows systems, click the following from your Start button.
(1) Control Panel, (2) Internet Options, (3) Security tab, (4) Custom Level button, (5) Scroll down until you find Scripting section, then (6) Enable Active Scripting.

7. Do bonuses multiply or add together?
Answer: All resource bonuses multiply, such as your income bonuses from terrain type, money research, Galactic Bank, etc. The only thing that is added are the attack and defense bonuses (see Attacking help).

8. Why do I get an Illegal User message so often?
Answer: This message occurs for two or three different reasons. It may be due to being logged in for 3 hours (the game limit), or it may be due to being inactive for 20 minutes (our server kicks you for that, not the game), or it can also happen when something messes up your browser session. In any case, try a F5 (refresh) and if that doesn't work, just close your browser and reopen it.

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