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Newbie Starting Guide
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Game Basics

-The Universe
-Newbie Status
-Recovery Status
-Chaos Mode
-Lightning Rounds

Account Control

-Account Details
-Planet Types
-My Planet
-My Status
-Planetary Bureau


-Building Types
-Building Upgrades


-Unit Details
-Unit Upgrades
-Special Operations
-Universal Scanner
-Attack Calculator


-Alliance Politics
-Alliances at War
-Solar System
-System Politics
-System Logos
-Facebook Center
-Galactic Court

-Quick Reference
-Premium Accounts
Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Facebook connection to GA

It is possible to link your GA account to your Facebook account when you create the account or afterward, using the Facebook connection link on the main GA webpage.

Once linked, you will receive notices of GA events at your Facebook account. You will also be able to see the Facebook Center in GA listing your friends who also play.

If you wish to unlink your GA account from your Facebook account, you must do that on Facebook by deleting the GA app from your applications.

Facebook account > Account drop-down menu (top right corner) > Privacy Settings > Apps & Websites > Edit Your Settings > Apps You Use > Edit Settings > Galaxies Ablaze > And then either click "Edit" and "Remove App" or just click the "X" button next to the app.

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