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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Your explorers occasionally discover extra resources to add to your planet. You can choose what areas you want your explorers to concentrate on, and as a result, you can choose up to three different discoveries each day.

In the Discovery Control Center, you choose which three discoveries you want your explorers to work on, but each type can be selected only once per day. The following table gives the approximate amount of resource they can find for you.

Discovery Type Resources discovered
Land 0.6% of your land or minimum of 15 land
Money 4 hours worth of income from your Mines.
Power 50000 power
Population an additional 8% of your current population or a minimum of 500 population
Operatives 4 Special Forces Operatives from each Special Op Center or minimum of 1500 Ops
Research 4 research point(s) per scientist
Soldiers 2.5% of your population or minimum of 100 Soldiers
Scientists 0.5% of your population or minimum of 30 Scientists
Shields missile and ops shields set to maximum for the remainder of the hour
Op Missions 5 additional special operative missions for the remainder of the hour
Aid money, power, special operatives, population, soldiers, and scientists

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