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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

In the Building Construction Center, you can order the construction of many different types of buildings. Each building requires enough money and one free land to construct it on. The cost of constructing a building increases with the total amount of land you have. You can see the status of your construction by clicking on the My Status link in the left menu, then on Construction Status.

Each building has a different function, as shown in the table.

Building Type Function  
Civilian ResidencesProvides housing for 50 civilians or as many as 50 military 
SkyscrapersProvides housing for 100 civilians or as many as 100 military *
Military BarracksProvides housing for 100 military 
StardocksProvides housing for 160 military and produces 50 money and 20 power per hour *
Space StationsProvides housing for 250 military and produces 100 money per hour *
Solar Power PlantsProduces 100 power per hour and stores 500 power 
Nuclear Power PlantsProduces 150 power per hour and stores 1000 power *
Fusion Power PlantsProduces 200 power per hour and stores 1500 power *
Military Training SitesReduces the cost of training military 
Special Op CentersProduces 2 new operative(s) every hour and stores 350 special operatives 
Planetary MinesProduces 140 money per hour 
Lunar MinesProduces 220 money per hour *
Asteroid MinesProduces 300 money per hour *

* research is required before you can construct this building

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