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Galaxies Ablaze - Game Help Manual

Alliances are groups of solar systems that have banded together in mutual support and defense. Any player can create an alliance and become an Alliance Leader, in the Alliance Politics Center. The System Leader of a solar system can join his system into an alliance by obtaining the alliance password from the Alliance Leader, and then joining the alliance, in the Alliance Politics Center.

Alliance Leaders can manage their alliance from the Alliance Control Center, and when at least 2 solar systems have joined it, they have access to the Alliance Leader Forum. The Alliance Leader can also designate others as his/her assistant alliance leader to help with forum control and the alliance communications officer for public contact information.

Alliances can declare war or make peace with each other. When two alliances are at war with each other, attacks above 50% landsize ratio gain 10% resources and attacks below 50% landsize ratio gain 5% and your generals are anxious to go out again, so they return from the attack faster.

Alliance News shows you the latest alliance alignments, war and peace declarations, etc. Information about an alliance, its size and number of systems, the information contact, and its relationships with other alliances can be viewed in the Alliance Information from the Alliance Politics Center.

A maximum of 3 systems can join an alliance this round.

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