Welcome as a new player in Galaxies Ablaze.

This guide will help you understand the interface and mechanics of the game; it contains screenshots with short explanations, as well as text snippets explaining in more detail what is what in this game.

We'll start with the beginning - the signup process. It's fairly simple, kind of explain itself. Two things you should be warned about, though, is how to choose Planet type and Personality. These two things will have an impact on how you should play the game - each planet type has its advantages and disadvantages, and each personality gives a small bonus in a specific area.

Generally, if you're all new to the game you should just choose Terran and the personality of your choice. This is because Terran has no planetary bonuses or penalties, making it a good starting point for new players.

Now you've signed up, and logged in. Getting the activation code from your mail should be simple enough. The screen in front of you now looks something like this:

This might all seem somewhat confusing. And, of course, you most likely won't start with a Premium Account, so there will be ads and a (3) behind the Discoveries link. Well, to keep it simple, here's the first you need to notice:

These are your planets resources. It's what you use to grow - your score is measured in Networth, you can see it in the upper right corner of the screen. To gain networth, you need to gain resources. There are many ways to do this. The first thing you need to do, is USE YOUR LAND. The Land resource is what you build buildings on. There are various buildings, and building on your land is what you'll do next.

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