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Galaxies Ablaze eXtreme News

GAeXtreme - No Rules, No Restrictions, No BS, just GA.

Well, two rules, no multi accounts and no whining. All GA ingame restrictions (except raid range limits 80% to 300%) are removed.

Individual Players and Alliances can make up whatever ingame rules they like and enforce them however they like.
Full Rules click here.

We recommend new players play at least two rounds of standard GA before they attempt GAeXtreme, it's brutal. Click here to go to standard GA.

Free and accessible!

Galaxies Ablaze eXtreme is a text-based game played through your web browser with no download required. All that is necessary is an email account and access to the web through a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, and you can begin playing immediately.

Galaxies Ablaze eXtreme is totally free. However it is necessary to financially support the game, so banner ads appear on many screens, but NO POPUPS ! Please consider buying a Premium Account to support the game and get those little extra benefits that others don't have!

Challenge yourself against thousands of others!

Galaxies Ablaze eXtreme provides a real time hourly tick-based virtual universe where you can test yourself against thousands of other players around the world in the battle for universal domination! The game runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your planet grows, people can attack you, even wars can happen, whether you are online or not. Are you up to the challenge?? 


Build AAV's  Dragoon 'Shock Troops' and Intergalactic Starfighters in this free text based browser game. Build a mighty Empire and Dominate the Universe, and if that fails build a nuke or two and light up the bad guys.



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